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I've created this studio for women to feel safe, comfortable, and not intimidated. I encourage and create an environment  for us to let go of everyday stress, move freely, have fun,  sweat it out. In this studio, we support each other, inspire, and cheer each other on. We are a strong KFit Family and you are welcome to join us!

Studio KFit workouts are never mundane or boring, they're empowering, and have a purpose! A KFit workout allows you to grow in many aspects of your life internally  externally. You'll discover new things about yourself, seek new challenges, take different risks, and find you are so much more stronger and capable to overcome life's obstacles.

I feel Group Exercise will always be the best thing for women because we seek community, communication, and a place to connect. All classes support all levels of fitness. You will find high energy, result-oriented and challenging workouts every time! Check us out and experience a KFit workout, I guarantee you will become a "KFit" Lifer here!


Kristen Rock-Reid Owner/Operator

Kristen has loved working out since a kid in the 70's running & lifting wieghts with her dad, while in the 80's she would dress up in her gymnastic leotard & leg warms & dance around to those retro Aerobic shows on tv. It was in the 90's after her first Step class that things really took off. Getting her own classes after graduation in '92 she has made her way into the fitness industry & never looked back.

Movement As Healing/Therapy

It is through movement that I have healed. As a introvert and someone who hates being center of attention, when I'm up in front leading classes, I have no fear, feel confident & feel the most alive. I hope to share with my clients & others that movement is therapy -  it's great for the physical - but has this amazing impact on the mind & soul like nothing else. It is through movement that I have overcome issues in life, dug myself out of very dark places, and escaped my personal battles with depression, anxiety & bulimia. 

Giving Back

What I deliver in my classes is pretty much who I am - no fake or phony pretense, real & authentic me. I'm the most vulnerable when leading & coaching but it is through that vulnerability that I have become strong. We all have something we are dealing with & we all have times we are harder on ourselves 

See Schedule for list of times & days


IRUN-IRON (ala carte)

QUEEN OF HEARTS (main menu class)

Cardio has gotten a bad wrap and I'm here to yelling "STOP THE INSANITY" Cardio is the ultimate life saver, strengthens the heart muscle, gets the blood pump'n thru the vessels, moves O2 in & CO2 out of the lungs, & rids the gunk out of the arteries - did I say LIFE SAVER! And NO, you won't lose all your lean tissue....if performed the K-Way. Let me show you how IRON & Cardio blend together beautifully!


Get ready to "attack the Scap" & create those beautiful diamond shaped "caps" we call shoulders.  Mom said it best "stand up straight, pull your shoulders back" - retrain the neural physical connection to naturally do just that. Once you stand taller good things happen! NO MORE: headaches or stiff neck, pain between the shoulder blades or pain with overhead movements,low back tightness, or stomach issues! If you sit for more than 4 hours total/day or drive more than 60 min total/day this 30 min class is a must!

Studio KFit Policy

All classes will start & end on time. Please arrive at least 5 minutes prior to your class. Please let Coach K know at least 12 hours in advance if you will not be attending. Coach K is excited to share her passion for fitness with all her clients, it is important you attend ALL your classes & be consistent so YOU reap the benefits. Pleas be respectful of Coach K & others around  you by silencing phones & keeping talking to a minimum so everyone can hear the directions & enjoy the awesome tunes. 

Studio KFit Policy - suspemded memberships

Requires a written 30 day notice. 

Studio KFit Policy -quitting

Requires a written 30 day notice. 

Studio KFit Policy

Studio KFit is a place to get your sweat on, release stress, have fun, move, enjoy time with friends, & get away. Coach K does not tolerate bullying or disrespecting her or others. 

Studio KFit Policy

Taking pictures of Coach K's workout boards is not allowed. These are programs written by her - if you would like one of her written programs, they are $25 (see Rock Method).

Studio KFit Policy - make up

Please attend the classes you sign up for. If you miss your scheduled class, you can reach out to Coach K to see which class time/day you can make it up. 


List Of Main Menu Classes Please Email About Prices

Evolution Bootcamp

Fe Muscle

Retro Muscle


Rock The Ring

Queen Of Hearts

BootyRock With Bands AND WEIGHTS

KFIT A LaCarte Classes Please email about prices

The A La Carte classes are not part of the Main Menu Classes as they may not be offered every month or offered different times & days each month. A session is $15/month (typically 4 classes) & are 30 minutes

BOOTYROCK Just Bands/Matwork

Ab Lab 30 TUT

Posture Perfect W/Bands

Yoga Ball For Trunk Stability

PLYOS For Runners


TRIFECTA 10/10/10


"Pop Up" classes are just that. They are not on the schedule but happen every now & then. Space is very limited so first to respond to the email is in! The  disciplines are Bike, BAGWORK, or BIKE & BOX Together. These "pop ups" take you away for 30 minutes & will transform your entire being so that either your day will start on a high note or end ridding all bad vibes. 

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